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Welcome To Hospice Toronto. Please Raise Your Helping Hand.

Since 1988, Hospice Toronto has served nearly 12,000 clients. By providing and advancing compassionate care and leadership in the volunteer-based home hospice community, Hospice Toronto has become a recognized leader in providing high-quality hospice care and support for people and their loved ones through all phases of their life-threatening illness, at no charge.

We support Adding Life to Days through our In Home, Bereavement and Children’s Support Programs; Expressive Arts Therapy; Young Carers Program; and Advocacy & Consultation.

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We Are Committed To:

Continuity Of Care

Providing continuity of care through all phases of the client’s illness.

Educated Choices

Educating clients and the public about the issues and choices regarding dying at home.

Embracing Diversity

Ensuring that we are welcoming and accessible to the diverse communities within our area of service.

Advocating Excellence

Advocating for excellence in client care at all levels of service and social policy.

Rewarding Experiences

Providing rewarding and meaningful experiences for our staff and volunteers.

A Leader In Care

Achieving continued acknowledgment as a leader in palliative care.

Integrated Services

Offering services that are integrated with other community services.

Client Support

Connecting clients to the full range of support they need.


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