Buy the Hour Logo When making your special year-end gift, consider the Gift of Time, and Add Life to Days.


What is the value of in-home hospice care?


In dedicating time and resources to determine the value of hospice care, we calculated that the cost of providing in-home hospice palliative care and support was $25 an hour. Through these efforts, we found a solution to communicate the value of our hospice care and the result happens to coincide with Hospice Toronto’s 25th year of providing hospice support to the community!


Our Buy The HourTM campaign allows you to relate your support to the value of in-home hospice palliative care. Buy The Hour TM connects you as true partners helping to provide care and support for our clients, and their caregivers and loved ones. We invite you to please consider giving the gift of time and to Buy The Hour(s) of care that will help support a client family this holiday season.


Donations of two or more hours will receive a commemorative Buy The Hour™ charm on a bracelet recognizing your contribution of hours of care. The bracelet and charm make a wonderful gift for the holiday season.*

 If you are donating two-hours of care or more on-line, and wish to receive your Buy The Hour™ charm bracelet, please make sure to share your contact information with us so that we can send you your bracelet.


Thank you for considering the Gift of Time!


* The Buy The Hour™ charm bracelet was made possible through the generous donation of anonymous supporters.