Children’s Program

Our high-impact, arts based Children’s program provides compassionate care and support to a growing number of children each year facing death and life-threatening illnesses.

Specially developed to address the fact that while hospice care – and in-home hospice in particular – is relatively new to Canada, most of the care provided to-date is focused on adults. Through our work with families over the last 20 years in providing home, hospice palliative care, Hospice Toronto recognized years ago that the needs of young people and the family unit in addressing grief and loss, bereavement or living with a life-threatening illness were frequently overlooked.

Hospice Toronto leads the way in providing in-home care and support for children, with a family member who is either dying or living with serious illness, or suffering from a life-threatening illness themselves.

For more information about our Children’s program or how to volunteer in the program, please call 416-364-1666