Grief therapy for those left behind
Belinda Marchese, Director of Clinical Services, quoted in Canadian Medical Association Journal article: “Grief therapy for those left behind”.
Canadian Medical Association Journal · March 22, 2011


Public Health, Private Lives
Hospice Toronto board member Dr. Jeff Myers featured on CBC Special Report.
Canada AM, CTV · October 22, 2010


A personal story about coping with cancer and loss
“Canada AM senior control room producer Jen MacLean on her very personal experience coping with cancer and the help she received along the way — and the motivation for the You’ve Got Cancer, Now What? series.”
Canada AM, CTV · October 22, 2010


Options available when treatments fail
“Dena Maule, the executive director for Hospice Toronto, and Dr. Gary Rodin with the psychosocial oncology and palliative care with Princess Margaret Hospital, discuss services available to cancer patients when all other treatments fail.”
Scroll through videos to “Canada AM: Options available when treatments fail”
Canada AM, CTV · October 22, 2010


Maria O’Kane on living with cancer
“A woman who has cancer of the esophagus explains how important it was for her to seek help at Hospice Toronto. She explains how she refuses to give up fighting for her life, as she wants to continue to be there for her family.”
Click Here to view the Special Series: You’ve Got Cancer. Now what?
Canada AM, CTV · October 21, 2010


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