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Episode 1: An Introduction to Caregiving

This episode, which aired on April 28 2012, featured Dena Maule, Executive Director of Hospice Toronto, and Nancy Lefebre, Chief Clinical Executive at Saint Elizabeth. Dena and Nancy provide an introduction to family caregiving in Canada, and discuss resources available to family caregivers.

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Episode 2: Getting Started as a Family Caregiver

In Episode 2 of Talking Care, Dena Maule, Executive Director of Hospice Toronto, and Don Fenn, CoFounder and President of Caregiver Omnimedia, Publisher of The Family Caregiver magazine , discuss some of the first steps you should take if you suddenly become a caregiver to a loved one. Find out more about Caregiver Omnimedia at www.caregiveromnimedia.com.

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Episode 3: Introduction to Home and Community Care

Episode 3 of Talking Care provides an overview of home and community care, with Nancy Lefebre, Chief Clinical Executive at Saint Elizabeth, and host Murray Segal discussing the types of home care services available, including physiotherapy, palliative care, and nursing care.

Nancy and Murray also provide information on the process for arranging home care services for your or your loved one.

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Episode 4: Accessing Support Services in the Community

Marg McAllister, Director of Policy and Research of the Canadian Home Care Association, joins host Murray Segal to talk about non-medical support services available to family caregivers, including transportation, meal delivery, and home maintenance services.

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Episode 5: Coping Strategies for Caregivers

Harry van Bommel, Executive Director of Legacies, and Dena Maule, Executive Director of Hospice Toronto discuss the strategies caregivers can use to cope with the stress of family caregiving.

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Episode 6: Caregiving Conversations

AM 740 host Murray Segal welcomes Robin Hurst, an Advanced Practice Consultant specializing in seniors and mental health at Saint Elizabeth.

Murray and Robin discuss the top three safety concerns in the home, including what you can do to prevent falls. Robin also outlines how you can start the caregiving conversation with your loved one, and what you need to know about adapting your home to accommodate a family member with special needs.

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Episode 7: Young Caregivers

Larisa MacSween, Manager of Hospice Toronto’s Young Carer’s Program (YCP), and Dena Maule, Executive Director of Hospice Toronto, join Murray Segal to discuss caregiver role reversal and the struggles that children and teenagers face when providing care to their ill or disabled parents.
Larisa has a MSW and RSW with a specialization in Family Services and hospice care. She is also a member of the National Consultants Group for Youth Caregivers Project and the Young Carers Canada steering committee.

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Episode 8: Government Programs for Family Caregivers

Nicole Beben, Vice President of Knowledge & Care Exchange Programs at Saint Elizabeth Health Care, discusses the financial support options available for family caregivers, including:

  • Government funding for home renovations and car modifications
  • Online financial tools to help with financial planning
  • Government compassionate care benefits
  • Tax credits and other income tax deductions

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Episode 9: Hospice and Palliative Care

Join Dena Maule, Executive Director, and Belinda Marchese, Director of Clinical Services, at Hospice Toronto, as they talk about hospice and palliative care with Murray Segal..

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Episode 10: Living with a Chronic Disease

Murray Segal discusses chronic diseases with Saint Elizabeth’s Glen Chenard, an Advanced Practice Consultant specializing in Diabetes & Dialysis. Glen provides an overview of some common chronic diseases, including Alzheimers, arthritis, and kidney disease.

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Episode 11: Approaching End of Life

Murray Segal discusses what to do when a loved one is approaching the end of life with Pat Steward, a nursing supervisor at Saint Elizabeth Hospital, and Dr. Jeff Myers, the Head of Palliative Care at Sunnybrook Hospital and the University of Toronto.

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Episode 12: The “Virtual” Caregiver

Murray Segal talks about the various forms of home healthcare delivery through technology for distance caregiving and (or) electronic monitoring with Mary Lou Ackerman, VP of Business Capabilities at Saint Elizabeth’s.

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Episode 13: Facing Grief

Murray Segal discusses bereavement and the grieving process with Phyllis Russell, a Bereavement Coordinator at Cardinal Funeral Homes and a volunteer with Hospice Toronto.

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